Final Presentation: What Will the Judges Be Looking For?


Business Model

  1. Are you solving a problem? (Value Proposition)
    • What proof is there that this is a real problem?
    • What proof is there that this is the right solution?
  2. Is your idea unique?
    • What is your defensibility? (i.e. Why doesn’t an existing company do this? Why can you do it better and/or faster?)
  3. How will you make this a successful business?


  1. Did your team get out and talk to customers?
  2. Did you identify a need for your product?
  3. Have you identified a specific target market?
    • How big is your market?
    • How will you get your first 100 customers?

Execution & Design

  1. What is your minimum viable product (MVP)?
  2. Design matters! Is your product easy to use?
    • How often does your product show up in your users’ day or week?

Team & Presentation

  1. Does your presentation have all the necessary information?
  2. Is your team’s presentation engaging and interesting?